Are you an agency working with a challenging client? Perhaps you’re required to stick to certain processes and ways of doing things or maybe your business only uses specific types of software and processes. If this sounds like your business then you need a Dedicated Resource who will sit outside your business, helping you when and where you need it. This means that you can have someone to help you tackle large volumes of client work with their undivided attention.

You might be held back by the fact that your business has its own particular processes and steps that it follows, using specialised styles and software. Or you might be a business that processes large volumes of work for clients and need the assurance that whenever a job comes through that it will receive immediate, undivided attention.
Perhaps you know that you need to hire another staff member, but you can’t afford to right now or just haven’t found anyone suitable on the ground. When this happens, you need a dedicated resource – outsourced at affordable wholesale rates.
Outsourcing a Virtual Assistant allows you to get all the support that you need, at a fraction of the cost and without the risks associated with employing someone. With a Virtual Assistant, you also don’t have to worry about office space or additional equipment.
SEO Resellers Australia can offer you a dedicated resource for all your digital marketing needs. We can supply you a trained, accredited and experienced resource in various disciplines to become part of your team and assist your existing employees.


"Great service, great knowledge and an awesome team to work with!"

Working with Globital has been fantastic, needing access to resources at a fraction of the cost, with such great output has been a game changer for us. Great service, great knowledge and an awesome team to work with! Thanks guys 🙂

Jose Soares



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Dedicated Resources Work As An Extension Of Your TEam
They Are Not Just A Switch On And Leave Solution


What are dedicated resources in the context of SEO services?

Dedicated resources refer to having a specialised team or individual professionals exclusively assigned to work on your SEO projects. This ensures focused attention and expertise tailored to your business needs.

What types of dedicated resources do you offer for SEO services?

We offer dedicated SEO professionals or teams, including SEO specialists, content writers, link builders, and project managers. You can choose the resources that align with your specific goals.

How does the communication process work with dedicated resources?

Communication is typically streamlined through regular meetings, emails, and project management tools. You will have direct access to your dedicated team members to discuss progress, provide feedback, and address any concerns.

Can I scale up or down the number of dedicated resources based on my evolving needs?

Yes, you have the flexibility to scale the number of dedicated resources based on the changing requirements of your project. Whether you need to expand the team for a big project or scale down during quieter periods, we can accommodate your needs.

What is the typical duration of engagement for dedicated resource services?

The duration of engagement for dedicated resource services can vary based on your project requirements and business goals. We offer flexibility in terms of short-term and long-term engagements to accommodate different needs.